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Aswad Thomas

edited August 2008 in Rumours
Set to go on loan to Barnet, heard it from the player himself.

Pardew quotes on the newsshopper site say he's looking to loan 3/4 players out and some are close.


  • Didn't you used to do the player attributes scouting for Charlton on football manager?
  • he still does
  • FM 08 - Josh Wright turns out to be the dogs... And Jonjo is pants? Come on Scoham!

    Apart from that, nice work. Managing Charlton is a bit of a mare though. Just won the league cup in the 2nd season and the chairman said "a club of Charlton's stature was always going to be capable of winning"... not very realistic is it?!
  • You need to get out more mate!
  • Don't Turn Around - Aswad
  • It wasn't me who spoke to Aswad, someone who went to game Tuesday with me saw him and had a chat, came back saying he said he's going to Barnet.

    I do still do the Charlton stuff for FM. Jonjo was updated in the January update, only new his name until I saw he was playing in the Victory Shield for England u16s. At least he was on the game ;-)

    The Barnet researcher rated Wright just as highly, thinks he'll make it in the Prem.

    As for what the chairman said in FM - thats nothing to do with me, don't have any control over things like that. Obviously its not realistic though.
  • Been confirmed now.

    So if we have only two senior centrebacks and this guy must surely have been next in line then we must see some inward movement very soon
  • Yeah I know the chairman things got nothing to do with you. Good job on the ratings. Do they pay you for that?
  • Don't get paid, get a free copy of the game though.

    Really get the feeling Pardew doesn't rate him at all.
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