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The Sun paper

I know its a rag, but to be honest most are. Anyone see the ex editors page in there Kelvin something ? he has a table that u can fill in re what managers are going to get the sack He has Keegan and the Pardew as top two. I cant see Pards geting the sack but i do see him walking in November.

The front page must be a truely awful read for the Macaans , (unless they did it).


  • sorry to state the bleedin' obvious,but, the sun is not,never was and never will be a Newspaper.
  • I normally read the Sun but do switch to the Daily Mail when their headlines and stories get to silly, good for sport though.
    I read the Mail just to get wound up about the labour government, immigrants and pikeys, although th Mail On Sunday is excellent value with the articles and magazines and DVD/CD handout.
  • And who does McKenzie purport to support?

    No bias there then Kelvin.
  • I know he says Charlton these days, but, was he not involved with the spanners originally?
  • MOld Git please note fella i said "paper" and not "newspaper".

    Kelvin now says or (his rambles do) he is a Charlton fan.
  • I,personally,think that the daily sport is more of a newspaper than the sun ever will be.
  • [cite]Posted By: miserableold-ish git[/cite]I,personally,think that the daily sport is more of a newspaper than the sun ever will be.

    I knew someone who had every copy of the Sport going back ten years and even had his photo in said paper along a couple of young ladies and a large pile of old papers.

    If only I could remember who it was...................
  • good thing about the sun feels in the slot between lewisham to london bridge.....cos by lewisham ive done the metro...
  • Apparently he had EVERY copy of the Sunday Sport going back over 20years.
    On the 20th anniversary a "page 3" girl (Donna Tickle) went round his flat in Sydenham and had some photos taken which were then published in The Sunday Sport (It was the weekend we lost 1-0 at Scunthorpe).
    As the persons flat was only one bedroom his Mrs. asked him to get rid of papers,so with a heavy heart I, sorry, he gave them all to Donna and she is keeping the collection going at her gaff in Sevenoaks.
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  • Good for horse racing though.
  • but the Sun has always had its Knockers!
  • Hay, I do the jokes around here.
  • What's that you say? The currant bun being despicable?

    Same 💩 different 📅
  • Shit rag. Wouldnt wipe my arse on it.
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  • As a straight up socialist authoritarian anarchist the only thing I can comment is that the sun has a nice red banner and a rather large image of Holly Willoughby on the front page today. Otherwise it's a capitalist right wing Aussie shit rag. Still though, Holly looked rather nice. 
  • Do people explode if they don't communicate their political leanings daily on social media? 

    Weirdest one is on their social media profiles.

    They usually go something like:

    >insert name< followed by Palestinian Flag, Ukranian Flag, preferred pronoun, EU flag, anti-fascist (as if that isn't the default position for 99.9% of people anyway), anti-Brexit, pro-LGBTQAIOVCRMZX+ etc, fuck the Tories, climate change is REAL, proud vaxxer, part-time veggie/vegan, BE KIND, fuck the Tories.....again.
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    Binned…Over Ill Fan

    I don’t even understand the headline. Am I missing a bin reference or something 
    I couldn't work it out either. Makes it much harder to be outraged TBH.
  • R0TW said:
    PopIcon said:
    Awful paper, read by awful people.

    The sooner it's consigned to history, the better.
    Isn't every Tory newspaper?

    The Times,.Telegraph, Express, Mail etc....
    Turn it in FFS
    The Tory paper for the working class - the worst kind of tory
    Workers of the world unite! 

    I love the way posters on this forum have the moral and intellectual superiority to damn millions of ordinary working class people by their choice of newspaper. 
    Uneducated, marginalised, useful idiots if you prefer?
  • Binned…Over Ill Fan

    I don’t even understand the headline. Am I missing a bin reference or something 
    BWFC fan taken ill in the stand during the match. The match was called off as a result. That was the Sun's headline

    The BBC and Sky initially reported it as crowd trouble. Both corrected it as the facts became clear about the fan sadly having lost his life.

    The Sun has also issued an apology.
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