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    "There's no Fayes on me..."
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    "For the amount you're earning Amdy, this is the least you can do"
  • "All together now. Heads, shoulders, knees and toes..."
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    'oh god jon jo has scored another hat trick, he will be sold in jan. And on the last day'
  • Pardew is a victim of the old hair gel/superglue switch prank
  • "Got to raise some money somehow."
  • "No Jonjo, this is my syrup and I'm keeping it"
  • 'hurry up down there sweatheart, i've got an open training session to take in ten minutes'
  • This is a stick-up.

    Give us all your best players and no-ones gonna get hurt.
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKABartram[/cite]'hurry up down there sweatheart, i've got an open training session to take in ten minutes'

    thats quality!
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  • Are you sure doctor?

    "I'm sorry Mr Pardew, but it looks like the early stages of Jordan's Disease. It's turned completely orange."
  • 'did you see that Parky ? I thought Faye was getting better, but he's just been nutmegged by the mascot'
  • Pardew discovers new technique to keep his ego under control....
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    "I've got HOW much to spend on new players!!"
  • Steve Waggott (out of picture): "Howay Alan, what dyer mean yee didnt understand me when Ah telt yee months ago tha you'd hev ne money te spend on players."
  • Pi55 off I dont care how skint we are, you are not selling my syrup!!
  • ....Alright Covered End no more booing. Sit quietly with your hands on your head like this until i tell you to stop...

    Those of a certain age may have been subject to such disciplinary measures at primary school...
  • Copper from Borris`s Knife crime hit squad " hands on head scum bag and dont move "

    Pards " Officer all i said is we should have a stab at winning at home !"
  • "doh, i have finally realised what my strongest side was last season"
  • Pards standing outside the Achor boozer looking towards Upton park

    " Home"
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  • "Ok Golfaddick, i get the message....."
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    Pards after watching Faye "training".

    " yes parky u herd right. I want a large box. two sets of hand cuffs, duct tape, a DHL cargo voucher for the Falklands , and a label that says dont open till xmas 2010"
  • Scene 1:
    Interior: Pardew's bathroom
    Pardew is standing in front of his bathroom mirror with an enigmatic smile:

    Pardew: (SINGING) You are beautiful no matter what they say...
  • Calling on his hidden powers Pards uses his amazing thought control beam on Faye * i must leave this club ..i must leave this club * damn his strong it worked on those other usless bags of sh*ite !!
  • Derek Chappell: "You can stand there with your hands on your head until you learn not to speak out of turn to the press"
  • Pardews head was hurting, but it was his own fault for standing in the stands during a squad shooting practice session.
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    "uum, all of that GB Women's basketball team look all right. I wonder if the tall one could do a job for us at centre half"
  • "Why isn't this working!? Oh no... Now I realise. Andy Reid! The source of all my powers!"
  • 'moisturise ? check
    slick back hair ? check
    spray aftershave down in the engine room ? check
    feed bullsh*t to the press ? check
    check mirror ? check
    cash cheque ? check
    bring in a decent centre half ? DOH....'
  • I wonder if I'll get rumbled if I sign up to Charlton Life as "Alan from Charlton"?
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