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Paul sturrock

Has admitted he has been suffering from Parkinsons disease for over eight years now. Fair play to the bloke for not sinking into a pit of self dispair and keeping going in a stree filled work environment


  • blimey, and has still managed to maintain the gruelling workload of a football manager.

  • That was my thoughts exactly. I wonder though whether his illness will become an "issue" the next time Argyle hit a bad patch.
  • Hats off to the fella!
  • What courage!

    Okay, it wasn't his choice to be ill but he's determined that bad health won't stop him striving to achieve his ambitions.
    And living deep in Plymouth Argyle territory, I've not heard him complaining once in the local press.
  • That is amazing really - to not let such a debilitating disease stop him doing such a stressful job!

    I do hope that he doesn't start getting `inappropriate' songs and ditties from morons in the crowd - because one thing is for certain - and I know from personal experience - there is absolutely nothing funny - in any way at all - about living with Parkinson's!
  • Well at least they will not be playing Millwall, who always sing about particular weeknesses.
    They are rotten to everyone!
  • Everyone that speaks of him has nothing but good stuff to say about him.

    Always seems a nice bloke and is a pretty astute coach too.

    Fingers crossed they can do something nowadays
  • A terrible disease...have seen my wife's uncle waste away from Parkinson's and poor old Michael J Fox has it too....good luck to Sturrock
  • I've had it in my extended family, fair play to him, have to respect him for keeping going.
  • My late father had it as well.Good luck to him brave man.
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  • And my Nan, bless her.
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