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Might save a loved one

Strokes kill many and leave many more a shell of what they once where. If you have seen it close up you know how bad it can be. However if it can be diagnosed and some attention started in 3 hours full recovery is likely. This is something that might save a loved one and its not a joke. If some one falls or drops something (not pissed up) and you think there just might be a posability that they have a hd a stroke ask them this :

S---T-----R first three letters of STRoke.

S = get them to Smile.
T = Touch get then to try to touch something
R = ask them to Reach for something.

if they cant do any ofthese get em to hospital asap.

You might save their life.


  • Good advice GH.

    They'll be able to smile, but only on one side... the other will droop.

    Also ask them some basic questions as they'll most likely be confused... what day of the week is it, what year is it, etc...

    Ask them to raise both hands up in the air... again, they'll probably only be able to do it on one side...
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