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Email problem on Vista

edited July 2008 in Troubleshooting
OK, cue wisecracks from Mac users - but I'm having trouble setting up an account for Mrs. L. under her user on my system.

Set up the email, Pop3, Smtp etc - just won't have it - will not download.

Any ideas?


  • Can i be the 1st to suggest that you Turn It Off Then Turn It On AGAIN.
  • Tried that!

    Works fine on my profile, but just won't work on hers.
  • my diagnosis is...its broke.
  • Not sure. I ran Vista on a separate partiition on hard drive for a while but I found it's email programme "buggy". Can't you use a different mail client like Outlook? If not do a Google search putting the problem in as a question. I find that somebody somewhere has always had the same problem and there will be an answer.
  • Turn off the system admin settings.
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