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Simon Jordan....again

SJ has slammed the state of modern football and said: "Footballers live on an island called 'Footballers World' where everything they do is right and everything that is said about them is wrong."

That island must be under the same rule as Jordan Land then...?


  • As much as dislike the orange twat I do have some sympathy with what he has to say regarding the "morals" of modern football. Should I duck now ?
  • Not on my account SHG, he might be a hypocrite, but what he says is right.
  • Glad I am not the only one that agrees with a lot of what he said! I was getting worried then! He's stilll a w****r though.
  • He's still an orange tw*t but he does talk some sense. Unfortunately he goes the wrong way about it and comes across as an arrogant self-opinioted w*nker.
  • He does tend to talk in sound bites and play to the crowd.
    We all know, like him, whats wrong but there is never a solution to any of his gripes.
    He's a tosser. End of.
  • Echo that pwa
  • Yes, SJ is a twat. And I just can't help giggling to myself when that "Knock off Nigels" advert comes on.
  • i agree
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