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Bostock, what the deal actually is

Lifted from a Palace site, and shows what a lying c**t Simon Jordan is

"Bostock figures awarded by the Tribunal:-

1. £700k up front

2. After he has played 5 games - £250K

3. After he has played 10 games - £250k

4. After he has played 20 games - £250k

5. After he has played 30 games - £250k

6. After he has played 40 games - £250k

All games to be recognised first team games and pro rata if he does not make a particular milestone.

7. Debut for england - £200k

Sell on clause - if he is sold at any time in the future then Palace will receive 15% of his sale value over the amount we have been paid for him to the date of sale. So as an example - if he is sold to Man U in 4 years time for £10m having reached all the milestones (except the England one) then we will have netted £3,157,500. And as another example - he does nothing at all (as many wonderkids do) - we get £700k.

And as a final example - he does a Scott Sinclair and plays about 10 games (mainly Carling cup) and then gets sold to Brum for £2.5m - we get £1,395,000."


  • Still not a lot if he becomes a top Premiership player really.

    Would you be happy with that deal for one of our youngsters?
  • Not that bad for a 15-16 year old though. If there's any justice in the world he'll just disappear without a trace now, just like so many of the other "next big thing" kids seem to do.
  • Scoham:
    It's more than we got for Defoe
  • I think the England debut part should be a couple of million, and then it would probably be a lot fairer.
  • [cite]Posted By: aliwibble[/cite]Scoham:
    It's more than we got for Defoe

    I think we got something like £1.25m for Defoe, but that was around ten years ago, if Defoe left Charlton now for around £1.25m or so it'd be a steal - it was then and Bostock is under valued more so if Spurs want him that badly.
  • So if he plays 40 games it'll be just under £2M. The problem here surely is that he is so young at present. If he was under contract, that would be a different thing but other than the rules which govern players of his age switching clubs, there is no contractual reason why they should pay anything.

    Can somebody clear something up for me, did Tottenham, make an illegal approach for him (officially) or did he just decide he wanted to go? In the Defoe case, didn't Wet Spam get into trouble for an illegal approach, hence the measure of compensation (at the transfer prices then) may have been higher?
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