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Danny Williams v John McDermott

Cracking bout, how Danny got the decision is beyond me John McDermott fought the fight of his life Williams got docked 3 points in the last 2 rounds and still got a majority decision.


But excellent stuff all the same


  • 3 Judges at ringside has Williams winning. I had it a draw after the points deduction.

    You have to watch the fight without the commentary, Jim Watt hasnt a clue ....
  • Apart from the 5th, McDermott didn't really land too much, surprised the ref didn't
    stop it during the 5th.
  • With 3 points off I couldn't see a Williams win, Jim Watt has a voice that encourages sleep.

    You are right though I wonder what fight he watches, I thought McDermott had it won in the 5th round too. Williams looked shagged but he also didn't come forward anywhere near enough.

    And spitting a gumshield is a desperation tactic not a habit I think he was hurt no matter what he says.
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    jim watt hasnt a clue,behave,ten 8 round in five,out jabbed the lazy,but gets robbed,doubt he will do so well in a rematch sadly,always had confidence problems.
  • I also had it as a draw.

    Read an interview in the local paper with McDermott saying he was in 'the shape of his life'.

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