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No offence Mr Newsshopper but how on earth is this a newsworthy item?



  • She can have it......;-)
  • A bit of harmless fun that one
  • i read that and thought 'slow news day'..... :-)
  • i read that as the most exciting thing to happen at Millwall in years
  • I must admit I enjoy watching Soccer AM, but it does annoy when you get these wannabee models on there supposedly supporting a club, when clearly they are only on there for exposure. Perhaps it should be limited to young ladies who are season tickets holders only, then we may get a genuine fan on the show. I actually e-mailed the show last season to complain about the wanabees, needless to say I didn't get a reply!
  • My wifes mate done it once and Essex Al you are correct , wannabee model covers it .
  • [cite]Posted By: Fishnets[/cite]She can have it......;-)

    i'd make her wear a Charlton shirt while at it though....
  • Who was the Charlton Soccerette who showed her biff a couple of years back?..
  • Not sure if this one will get very far....

  • [cite]Posted By: Fishnets[/cite]Who was the Charlton Soccerette who showed her biff a couple of years back?..

    Remember a coventry fan doing that a few years back. On you tube i believe.
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  • I would...... :-()
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    Looks like a cross between Robert Smith and the Joker
  • edited July 2008
    My poor eyes ;(
  • Actually if u look real close that is a geezer in the steward top and he is throwing up over the radiator after having "visited" Miss Millwall 2003/4/5/6/7
  • She's obviously not "proper" Wall - not enough tatoos and none on her face!
  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so thats the famous Harry the Dog from F Troup. well have to say wouldnt want to meet Harry the Dog in a dark alley------------------------------------------- or a well lite one------------------- anywhere.
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