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Aniversary present

A guy goes home one evening from the pub to be confronted by his much annoyed wife and a real ear bashing, you know the scene right!

"25 years of misery that's all you've given me, down the pub every night with your mates you haven't even remembered our big day have you"? Blah blah blah!!

"What days that love"?

"Our f'ing anniversary that's what."

"Oh blimey, sorry love I just totally forgot."

"Well you've forgotten for the last time you lousy bastard I want a divorce."

"Oh come on love, no need to be so hasty, I'll give you anything you want darling."

She thinks for a few moments.

"Well you bought me that cheap old second hand piece of crap Fiat Uno about 10 years ago, it's falling apart.Give me something that goes from 0 to 200 in less than 5 seconds and I might reconsider".

OK my beloved leave it with me, I'll see what I can do."

The following morning she opens the bedroom curtains and there on the drive is a large cardboard box. Not unsurprisingly she rushes down stairs and brings the box inside the house where she rips it open and there inside she finds........................

A set of bathroom scales!!


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Roland Out!