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Hair styles

had afew in me yoof ---croped ,very very long (told i looked like Brian Connley !), never had the punked up hair, tried the wet look ,which didnt work with blonde hair.Never had the "mens" pony tail hair piece (remember Only Fools re the hair piece ?). Not sure why when guys start to loose their hair they dont get it shaved off ? looks smart enough and some fellas with the comb over etc FFS whats that all about ?

Love the pony tail style on ladies, not to keen on very short hair on fems love em with long hair. My Mrs had very very long hair when we first met and in Thailand they were really into styling in a big way.She had some way out styles in the past.Now as she is a chief its fairly short -----------signs.

So whats your style now and history ?


  • short back and side or number 1 all over since I was 16 never changed.

    had longish hair in my teens (mid 80's) and one of them moody shaggy perms but that was it
  • Had a 'Robert Smith special' through the 80's - used to back comb to feck and use up a can of Boots own super strong hairspray every couple of days to keep it looking 'just right'.... Had it fairly long through University and grew it for a year whilst learning to surf/travelling in Oz (wanted to look the part even if couldn't actually get up on the board)..came back, had it cut and have had a very boring, fairly short, slightly scruffy look ever since... Of course, now it's retreating off my head, down my back and onto my 'arris....
  • Thanks for that Chaz, tad to much info at the end there tho fella we aint PalARSE are we !.
  • Curtains ala Rick Astley late 80's / early 90's
    Sideparting Early - Mid 90's
    "Messy" late 90's early 00's
    Grade 2 ever since
  • 80's Wedge
    90's French Crop up until 3 months ago now number 1 all over
  • 0-7 - blond hair, quite long with "a step"
    8-13 - Number 2 all over
    13-17 - French Crop
    18 - Blond highlights
    18 - Number 2 all over (school threatened to expel me the tossers)
    20-Now - A mess mainly
  • What's a 'French Crop'?
  • Had a rats tail till i was 7, have been going to andrews on charlton church lane since i was 3 years old, even tho i live in northumberland heath now i travel down there still for a trim. Andrew was a legend you would tell him what you wanted and he would say no problems 20mins later u either had a skinhead, spikes or a side parting. Thankfully Paul his son now runs it and i have never had a bad haircut off of him, and at 8 quid you cant go wrong. It is funny when Andrew comes down to help Paul when its busy, everyone says they will wait for Paul then some poor sod walks in whoose never been in there gets andrew and walks out with.... a skinhead, spikes or a side parting.
  • 20 WSS ? if your a studant ur geting on aint u very good ?

    PS how do u attach a pic to your name on here.
  • Early 70's my dad finally gave in and let me have a Boston crew cut to go with the Ben Sherman, Doc Martens and Levi Sta-press so I could pretend to be a skinhead. This was just as long hair was starting to become fashionable. Tried to grow it long for a while but it just looked more like an Afro so come the early 80's, it was shoulder length but i was having it thinned out. Then I had a mullet for a couple of years to the mid-80's. Then I went back to the way it looked inthe early 80's. Mid 90's I started having a french crop and now I just keep it tidy. Number 4 sides and back and a little bit longer on the top. Been lucky that I'm fast approaching my half-century and I haven't lost any. Just starting to get a little bit of grey around the edges.
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  • [cite]Posted By: Charlton Charlie[/cite]What's a 'French Crop'?

    Its similar to his Dads
  • I've had perms, highlights, curtains, wedge, spikey.....been shaved since 1996.....
  • Had Platinum Blonde with a French Crop for about Three years in Mid Twenties probably the cause of my Current Hair Status now.

    Current is Grade Zero done by myself every two weeks!
  • 50s quiff from age 13 to 40, number 1 with "tin-tin" quiff since. Err except now, due to a clipper-length-error by the missus a couple of weeks ago. Currently about a number 3. Back to the tin-tin look when it grows a bit...
  • 0-3 Blonde short back and sides
    4-11 Brown hair basin cut
    11-17 short brown hair
    19-21 even shorter brown hair number 3
    21-30 Long hair in pony tail
    31-41 Cropped hair from number 3 to a zero
    now shaved every few days or so
  • Had a "wedge" secondary school, then graduated to a mullet (with the back permed!)in 85.

    Moved on to having it spiked (with tram lines cut in) and it started falling out when I was about 24/25. Been shaved ever since then
  • 1970 to early 80's very long down past my shoulders....since then all downhill, just wish I had some...
  • 14-20 short back and sides
    21- 30 longer with sideburns
    30 -50 starting to be limited in choice of styles
    50- now my kids say i've got toilet seat hair.
  • Don 't reallygo in for hair styles/ cuts
  • No, can't say that I can really remember what your hair is like Rick... ;-D
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  • Remember going for a Kevin Keegan perm in a ladies hairdressers. The only bloke in there with all the other women giggling at me, totally embarassing! Looked the dogs when I came out though. Didn't help me play like him though!
  • 80's,90s, 2000's michael bolton style mullett
  • Ages 0-6 Sideparting
    6-12 Afro
    13-19 - Long hair
    20-24 Grade 1
    25-29 - Sort of messy look
    Charltons Relegation & Moving in with girlfriend - Greying rapidly!
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