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The Simon Jordan quote of the day.......

'I have £800 on me at the moment, which is actually a little less than I would carry normally. Usually I have a couple of thousand.

I carry the money because I’m a huge tipper.'

What a hero !


  • So selfless, so humble

    Conceited mug of the highest order
  • He has more cash in his wallet then they have season ticket holders!!
  • Money can't buy you class Simes

  • AFKA you worry me mate please put the qoute in full Jordon " i have £800 at the moment because Palarse might need another player".

    or " i have £800 on me at the moment because i need a respray"

    or " i have £800 on me at the moment because that what it costs to rent a Lady boy"
  • edited June 2008
    Dare I say it, but the average coke dealer or brass dont take credit cards or cheques, so it makes sense really!
  • well to me it says he spent 1200 quid on orange tanning products and thats all he had left
  • Tango and Cash.
  • [cite]Posted By: The Equaliser[/cite]Tango and Cash.

    Nice work!
  • croydon massives are on red alert for an £800 orange

    equaliser - love it mate very funny
  • I know food prices have rocketed but £800 for an Orange !
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