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Let the train take the strain

Well it's almost away for us.

The Lass got a letter from that nice Mr Pardew this morning asking her to buy a season ticket, I expect he writing a sppecial letter to me so it will take longer!

So we thought why not , we won't make all the matches but if we get promoted......

For us the most expensive thing is transport and a car journey is just not on, so how about a train from Lancaster to Euston , down to London Bridge and then to Charlton. The Virgin timetable showed that we could leave Lancaster at 1030 and arrive at Euston by 1330 - so that's OK however the last train back that is direct leaves Euston at 1745. In that case we can drive down to Preston and get a better choice of trains from there. The cost is £60 for us both but then came the difficult bit. I went onto the National Rail site but the journey times in there did not match the Virgin timetable and showed a 5 hour time to Euston. I phoned National Rail but the young lady in India could not understand my need to know now what would be happening in August, I tried Virgin but the voice actoivated lady again could not understand my journey so to Customer Relations. he was in the UK but couldn't tell why the timetable search engine, as opposed to a real engine, couldn't show the times that were in their timetable, but he did mutter something about engineering works, but no he didn't know what would be happening in August

So fellow Lifers the Lass and I have tried valiantly to be irregular Valley supporters for next seawson - all to no avail - no when are we away at Preston, etc.


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    if you got spare weekend you could get the coach back and sleep as it takes bloody lad comes down from penrith and daughter from Lancaster on the train but the big problem is weekendd travelling full of rail works that throws huge spanner in the works....
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