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Medders has done something I never thought capable of him

Tell them fatboy!!


  • Went on a diet?
  • Turned down an egg chasing game to watch proper football?
  • Got laid?!
  • this i can't wait to hear.

    come on dicko share with us please
  • edited June 2008
    [cite]Posted By: RedArmySE7[/cite]Got laid?!
    The closest so far!
  • Blimey Carter that is so last month :-)
  • going to be a daddy?..
  • brought a round?
  • I hope its something to do with porn
  • [cite]Posted By: RedArmySE7[/cite]Got laid?!
    [cite]Posted By: Al the Addick[/cite]brought a round?
    She'd had several....
    [cite]Posted By: DA9[/cite]I hope its something to do with porn
    Borrowed some of Dicko's finest German stuff. Did the job....

    Baby due 7th of December.... ;-)
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  • Yeah congrats Medders, thought the old facebook status may have had something to do with that. My jesting a couple of months was not unfounded it seems.

    Well done to you and Helen - not sure you had it in you.
  • Congrats to you both :o)

    I was only saying to you a couple of months ago when were we going to hear the sound of tiny feet! ;o)

    Must be something in the water at the mo - 3 girls in my office are pregnant too.

  • Here he/she is... thankfully just the one in there!
  • Congrats mate......make sure you are there for the birth, magical experience......(maybe not so much for the Mum
  • Congrats Medders,
  • Congratulations to you both mate
  • nice one fella congrats to you both
  • well done old boy, surely we should start the Junior Lifers club,
  • well done mate. That's the end of your season ticket, all day drinking with the lads, Blackpool away and the start of sleepless nights, smelly nappies, not having a social life.....all in all though....well worth it :)
  • Seems the baby has your eyes Medders, congrats.
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  • Congratulations mate, another Charlton supporter set to suffer like the rest of us!

    Well done!
  • Well done fella
  • Congrats young man.
  • [cite]Posted By: FOD[/cite]Seems the baby has your eyes Medders, congrats.

    Definitely has my belly, the little chunky monkey
  • Congratulations - hope all goes smoothly.
  • congrats Kodak and wife
  • congratulations hope all goes well.
  • Congratulations!
  • well done medders - hope it looks like the wife LOL just kidding.

    all the best.
  • I was waiting all morning for your response ledge and to be honest i'm a little disappointed, good crack at getting a dig in with the congrats though! ;-)
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