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Milmoor no more

Rotherham have announced they are going to have to leave Millmoor and share the Don Valley Athletics stadium in Sheffield, asstaying there isn't financially viable.

A ground i never managed to get to. Can't think of many worse places to play than an open athletics stadium


  • Mate Milmore in the rain when the steel works was open was a true shit pit !

    shame though looks very bleak for them.
  • Thats terrible news for them.
    I did make it to this ground a few seasons back when we played Huddersfield in the morning and John Robinson scored a cracker,we then went off to watch Rotherham v Brighton..or the second half anyway.
  • don't count postie you can't have that one.

    never been to millmoor so that is a shame. another club lurching from one crisis to another every year it seems.
  • Couldn't think of anywhere more soulless then Don Valley
  • went there a couple of time,thats a real shame,hope things work out for them
  • Saw Rotherham at Bradford this season. Seemed a decent side who had a chance of promotion if not for the points deduction.

    Can't see how they can survive, let alone thrive, at an athletics track in another city.

    Haven't forgiven them for taking "our" title in '81, mind.
  • have had quite a few days out at milmoor, one of my old pals played for them for 2 seasons. crappy old ground but in a loveable sort of way. the changing rooms were portacabins under the main stand, sound familiar?
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    Terrible news, 2 administrations in 2 years, they are in HUGE trouble to even make the start of the season after...

    Don Valley is a joke for a prospective football stadium... Withdean Mk II just more modern... really fear for them that they will just disintegrate

    Well done to the Booth family, they should be locked away
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    real shame, but don valley not quite as souless as you may think, its banked all the way round so will keep atleast a little noise in, its also only bout ten min drive from milmoor, it could be worse they could of sold up and filed for bankrupcy and leave the town with no football team.

    shame cos there's alot a heart in south yorks
  • saw phil miss a penalty there,hungry and wet and wearing my lois black cords ,took the service station to the cleaners on way there with about 20 cakes in my jacket.
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