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FAO Lookout

edited August 2006 in Troubleshooting
Hello dude, the other day when you emailed me that pic of me, did you get my reply with that vid of Hughes' Penalty??


  • Also did you manage to get hold of some Nokia S/Ware to show that clip of mine or would you like me to send you my installation CD?
  • Also did you still want that Charlton v Palace screenshot?
  • Also, i have bigballs!
  • @ 04

    Yes, sorry not to reply (I thought I had)

    @ Dan

    I'll have a go at converting it right now and get it up if I can soonish. I'll let you know if I can't and we'll try a different route


    No that's fine, I just used the one. Thanks for your help the other night.
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