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Congratulations Rangers

Congratulations to the Queens 11 for their 32nd Scottish cup and another trophy added to an already impressive world record of trophies won.



  • well done,but the other lot have won the premier european cup.
  • and it gets less looking like a queens eleven by the season lol
  • Well Done the Gers

    2 trophys and 2 runner up spot

    Not bad

  • they deserved the league title,how can that many games be played,they after all were representing there league in a european final.
  • Give it up nolly you should be a Talksport presenter, wittering on about tosh to wind people up...Queen of the bloody South don't make me laugh
  • Careful, our nolly's a sensitive soul. He'll be off on sabbatical again if you don't watch it ;-)
  • very sensitive,very thought provoking man as well.
  • [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]very sensitive,very thought provoking man as well.

    just like your idol, stevey.
  • not that deep mate.
  • [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]not that deep mate.
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  • [cite]Posted By: GorgeousGeorge[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]not that deep mate.

    and in addition to that , i assume you've bought the book "Seagalogy: A Study of the Ass-Kicking Films of Steven Seagal".

    Thats got to be a quality read!!
  • And congratulations to Queen of the South for running one of the biggest, richest franchises in the football world so close on a shoestring budget.
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