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This week I have been reading



  • Trying to prise, "The Last Fighting Tommy" out of the Good Lady's hands before she tells me the whole story Chapter and Verse before I get a look in :(
  • Just finished in two sessions - Post Office by Bukowski
  • Alan Sugar Autobiography
  • Just finished Alfie and now reading Atonement
  • The Circuit ----- very good book about an ex SAS guy who has moved onto Close Protection. Good insite into Iraq and the middle east.

    The Translator ----- written by a Dofar tridesman. stunningly awful tale.

    for those that watch The Wire its written by the guy who wrote Homocide (mentioned above by me) and some of the tales in The Wire are from this book and they are true.
  • Tsi Sun the art of war.. as mentioned in my has it sunk in thread earlier in the week..
  • The Siege of Krishnapur - JG Farrell - superb
    The Boat - Nam Le - new author to me, but excellent collection of short stories
  • Just finished Part 2 of Berlin Noir. It's 3 stories about an ex-policeman turned private investigator in Nazi Germany who investigates the most deviant crimes committed by the SS and party leadership prior to the outbreak of WW2, most of which contradict Nazi ideology.

    Not one for your holidays.
  • Pies and Prejudice: Stuart Maconie good so far, only two chapters in
  • The Damned United by David Peace. Picked up when I was last home.

    It portrays Clough as a dangerous psychopath / caring father figure. Love him.

    What did others think of the book?
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  • Read it in record time,CA, and will have to read it again but slower to make sure I didn't miss anything (when my son returns it). An excellent piece of 'faction'. Remember the Charlton/Derby game that's mentioned very well, one of our finest hours! Currently re-reading G.Nelson's 'Left Foot in the Grave' ready for next season!
  • Leroy re your comments on Geralds Game is it the end if the chapter where she says realises a man is standing there ? classic piece of horror writting,came from no-where and slaps you in the face with a cold towel.
  • Finishing off a couple of books:

    The Grand Prix Saboteurs - Joe Saward, really intresting about SOE in France during WWII, 2 of the leading lights being W Grover an Englishman who flew for RAF in WW1 and won the first Monaco Grand Prix and Robert Benoist a major pre war French F1 star who flew in the French air force in WW1.

    The dogs of Riga - Henning Menkel
  • this is the thread
  • Am reading 'Thatchers Britain' at the moment, was in my teens during the early part of her time as PM and wanted to get a reasonably unbiased opinion on her record in office. She seems to attract such strong opinions for and against, its difficult to find an objective middle ground sometimes. As for fiction, anything by Koontz is always very readable.
  • Just finished reading Ralph Milne's book. Got a bit confused on his dates when mentioning us, however a good read.
  • The Beautiful Game?: Searching the Soul of Football by David Conn.

    Very interesting
  • Sideshow by William Shawcross - Kissenger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia.

    War crimes by the US government; how unusual....!
  • The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins
  • The English Resistance. Book about English resistance to William the Bastard after Hastings.
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  • Con Men and Cutpurses: Scenes from the Hogarthian Underworld

    All about London in 18th century, brilliant.
  • Born to Punt. My Betting Year by Steve Palmer

    Good read, and shows the ups and downs of betting.
  • Confessions of a player - Vicky Coren. Cracking book.
  • Eye of the Hurricane: Rubin Carter

    Very inspiring. About freeing ourselves from the 'prison' we (and society) create for ourselves.
  • The Last Tommy by Harry Patch
  • Race of a Lifetime by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin.

    Brilliant book about the race for the US Presidency in 2008 from both Democratic and Republican viewpoints, as far back as the nominations to lead each party from a 'fly-on-the-wall' perspective. Every chance I get I read a bit more of this book. Compulsive reading.
  • Chickenhawk by Robert Mason
  • The Crossing by Cormack McCarthy, part two of his All The Pretty Horses trilogy. Liking it a lot so far. Struggled through his first novel The Orchard Keeper before this.
  • [cite]Posted By: hawksmoor[/cite]The Crossing by Cormack McCarthy, part two of his All The Pretty Horses trilogy. Liking it a lot so far. Struggled through his first novel The Orchard Keeper before this.

    reading blood meridian. not an easy a read in many ways, extremely violent, but his descriptive use of language is phenomenal.
  • Read that recently. I thought it was excellent, but, as you suggest, hellishly grim in places. I'd also recommend his Outer Dark - I always think of it as a kind of companion novel to Blood Meridian - which has themes and nightmarish scenes reminiscent of his later The Road.
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