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Caption Corner - Nigels



  • LOL !!!

    What's in the carrier bag d'ya reckon ?
  • Glue from the looks of him......And they call us anoraks!!
  • nice pair of NHS specs
  • "look Mum, my first pint of beer"
  • When does Gay Pride march start
  • the left over remains of a prostitute he recently murderd.
  • The Bring A Mate for a Quid campaign run by SE London football club Chrystal Palace has shown many benefits but not for this young chap who was forced by his mother to bring his retarded cousin to his first ever football match.

    "I was horrified when Mummy told me I had to otherwise I wasn't allowed to go to the game and would have to spend Saturday in my bedroom" said Nigel. "But despite being an utter Joey, I was surprised that Neil fitted in so well" he added.
  • [cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]the left over remains of a prostitute he recently murderd.

  • but worryingly possible and beliveable i was always told never to trust people whos fingers are longer than there palms, have a look.. touch of the spider monkey about that poor lad.
  • "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!"
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  • [cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]touch of the spider monkey about that poor lad.
  • "quick its 6 hours before the game starts, better tell the Ob we are here"
  • Neil and Tangos love children become of age
  • 'i want that one'
  • "do i have to be the woman again tonite ?"
  • An A to Z map with all the roads he has visited, highlighted.
  • his mums ashes never leaves home without them..
  • edited May 2008
    "I'm not saying I'm inbred, but I appear to have another hand growing on my shoulder"

    Speccy twat replies "Thats nothing I appear to have a second head growing on my shoulder'
  • "Hello my names Nigel, and this is my urine sample"
  • Speccy: i've got a pint of fosters, a bag full of chisels and I am touching another man. All I need now is an episode of mythbusters and I will cream my pants.
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  • "eight pints of lager shandy and I'm still standing !"
  • Virgin on the front of his shirt.

    Virgin on the back of his shirt.
  • sadly not everyone could make into the church fete.
  • A photograph of the annual convention of the Jonathan Fortune appreciation society.
  • A photograph from the annual convention of the WSS appreciation society.
  • "palace boys we are here shag your women drink your beer"
  • "Should have gone to specsavers"
  • The real football factory
  • Whos the wanker in the cap?
  • Jonathan King is saying "Hello Big Boy, one pint of lager shandy and I'm anybody's"
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