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Pards, check this one out...


  • that's unreal he must've been on some sort of bet for that to happen
  • There was a great goalkeeping error in last weekend's Bielefeld-Dortmund match.

    Winning 2-1 with a few minutes remaining Bielefeld conceded a free kick in a central position just outside the penalty box. The kick curled over the wall and looked like it was going wide before dipping in and clipping the bar and then deflecting off at a sharpish angle, it then hit Bielefeld's keeper, who was standing there watching all this, on the side of the head before going in. Had the shot not gone in Bielefeld would have won the match and the extra two points would have mathematically saved them from relegation. As it is they have one match left to save themselves - and that's an away game against Stuttgart who need the points.
  • And who could forget Traore's classic own goal?
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