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Ban the poster above you

Saw this elsewhere.

Give a sensible or non-sensible reason of why the person who posts before you should be banned from this board. To avoid confusion of two people posting at the same time, include the name of the person who should be banned.

Looks like i'm the first victim, so do your worst !



    He is just so greedy with this board. 20,000 vistis, 15,000 comments.
    Someone shut him up.
  • AFKA, you need to spend some more time doing your real job ;-)
  • BAN Chirpy!

    Ever since he bought champagne at City Addicks we've been cack.
  • Ban WSS he is a (very) poor mans AFKA and doesn't write "guys" often enough:-)
  • Ban LenGlover - it's about time he accepted that Kish doesn't play for us anymore!
  • Ban Len, he's clearly insane, well all no Kish was cack, no room the mentally unstable here!
  • edited May 2008
    Ban Weegie! He's a bird!
  • Ban Chirpy - he sounds like a bird ;-)
  • Ban Weegie, no room for girls in football.

    (Don't hurt me)
  • edited May 2008
    ban weegie for not being keen on our over achieving manager
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  • DO NOT BAN OOOooooahhhhhhh

    He is the only one on here who makes me want to post even when I don't want to...????
  • ban chelsea fan chirpy for supporting a premiership team...
    he'll be cheering on sir alan curbishley's mob this w/e hoping they complete the double over united, oh what a great manager
  • Ban OohAah..

    his name rhymes with bra and I find that distasteful and inappropriate
  • ban Kigelia because he can probably run faster and certainly further than me!
  • edited May 2008
    Ban LenGlover, his 'incident' with a farmyard goat in 1972 has proved that to many, that time is not a great healer.
  • Ban AFKA,

    he swans around like he owns the place.....
  • ban mortain he is a whammie!! with bad hair (previously before skin ead dude!! haha)
  • Ban Mortain, if there is Charlton fans i despise it is those who quit when we were relegated and jumped ship to a prem club
  • Ban MCS, purely for that beard...
  • edited May 2008
    ban medders for choosing rugby over supporting his team - who play football.
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  • edited May 2008
    Ban suzi, every time I read her username i get hungry!!

    leave the hair out ollie, I was going through a bad time then mate.....(you could have been a good enough mate to tell me i looked like a ponce!!)

    AFKA, i'm not a turncoat unlike bermondsey boy ollie....
  • BAN SUZI the use of Sausage in her name could offend the Jews so in our PC world we need to keep everyone happy

  • Ban Mortain, he once looked like a ponce, and that is unforgivable

    This mornings hangover is his fault!
  • Ban RedArmySE7 as I read his posts in the style of Peter Griffin and i'll answer the phone like it in a minute.
  • Ban AFKA...He makes midgets look tall
  • Ban Red Army cos he types too quick i wanted to ban AFKA
  • ban North London Addick, got graced by god with the gob for 4 people, but sadly the brains for none.

  • Ban AFKA, he's tried to ban me twice.....blatent descrimination against an "outsider".
  • edited May 2008
    Ban Mortain we don't "do" mid table premiership football here.....:-)
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