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Pards vows not to do a Rafa

No I don't mean win the Champions League but ....


  • The injuries in midfield are the key here Wags and Shelvey in the first team Wags to start

    i reckon Shelvey on the bench for me in this one now i thought he would give him his start at home for confidence

    fair point about the Fulham bit
  • yeh very fair point about fulham

    however i think shelvey may gain more confidence by starting at a ground where he hasnt got the pressure from charlton fans (apart from the 600 or so who go there :)

    knowing what the valleys been like this season with all the moaning and booing i think it would make more sense to play shelvey against barnsley
  • no one would boo surely i hadnt thought of that you may well be right
  • [cite]Posted By: nth london addick[/cite]no one would boo surely i hadnt thought of that you may well be right

    If he had a poor or even a unremarkable home debut it would be "he's no good, our youth system is rubbish, get him off" etc etc for a few people. We have no patience.
  • I agree

    play the kids at Barnsley

    no pressure
  • Fecking hell lads that is a very sad inditement on where we have come as fans i feel ashamed of that and i dont even boo
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    If we are serious about achieving something then we have to give this team time.....I know I've been away for a bit and so am looking at this with fresh enthusiasm but come on's a marathon not a sprint.
  • [cite]Posted By: nth london addick[/cite]Fecking hell lads that is a very sad inditement on where we have come as fans i feel ashamed of that and i dont even boo

    i dont boo either but i dont mean that Shelvey would get boo'ed personally, but if we dont perform againt coventry the crowd will do what they have done all season and fill the valley with negitive vibes. Grey admitted that the players feel more nervous when playing at home. i wish that wasnt the way it was but unfortunately it is.
  • Nerves are not necessarily a bad thing if they are managed correctly. Every player should feel nervous when they cross that white line at the Valley. Why.....because playing for us shouldn't mean it's all about the money, they should know that the fans want to see the club moving in the right direction, they should know that due to what so many people have given up for this club to put it where it is today we want 110% given week in week out and that ultimately we expect a performance from the team. Even if the team looses, if the effort has been put in and there has been honesty there, even the harshest Charlton fan will respect what the team has done. I admit all this expectation and history adds up and so the players should be nervous. However they should use those nerves to their benefit and as a result perform.

    At the end of the day these guys are paid paid a lot of money, £10K + a week, and with our loyal fans I think, justifiably so, we should expect nothing less than determination and commitment. That may make players nervous but if the managment get things right with the team they should be mentally strong enough to cope with that expectation and pressure. They are professionals after all!
  • I agree that this is a good opportunity to give some young players who may be the future of the club a run out, but am very sympathetic (for once!) to the Warnock et al whinging about the Liverpool reserves vs. Fulham. Surely a reasonable middle ground accomplishes the goal of providing experience, but not outright conceding a match.
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    we have some on here that boo, and i have tried to convince you that it is wrong, but even the most hardened terrace booer who is waiting until the end of season to vent his spleen look at what effect this could have on the young players that are coming through and hopefully get a start on saturday and at home to cov,

    you have done it on and off all season lets have one game at home where we dont have to listen to the booing and jeering of your least favourite players

    lets just create a load of positive happy noises like we used to do last game of the season to show your disaproval walk out at the end and dont clap them off for their efforts this year cause they dont deserve that but as fans you deserve to go to a game and enjoy it for what it is

    que the 6 nil home drubbing followed by pardew out
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