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Suggestion FAO Lookie/AFKA

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Just wondering if you could possibly start a category for discussions containing YouTube clips please? I quite often spend most of my time reading the forum whilst at work where my computer has YouTube banned, but I also try and watch the clips when I come home but sometimes its quite hard to find them or takes time which could be made easier if there was a comprehensive list of them available at the click of a button! Hope its not too difficult to sort out!



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    Good idea, RA SE7 !

    Save a lot of time.
  • great idea, I think the same thing.
  • Youtube also banned for me at work, so I think this is a great idea...
  • How about it LoOKie .....?
  • Easier solution.

    Go to the search page, type in "youtube" (no quotes). Then select "Comments" so that you are searching all comments. Then when the results come up, choose Save and give that search the name "You Tube" or something similar. Then, in your control panel on the left, you'll have a link labelled "You Tube" which will give you all of the youtube vids in descending order, with the newest first.
  • Good stuff, LoOKie.

    Can we have a permanent 'i for idiot' category/folder where all the 'How to quote, do links, copy posts, find
    Youtube, search, do amazing stuff & make it look simple.....' guidelines can go?

    Then even the IT-deficient will be able to self-help themselves instantly just by pressing one link.
    Please..... (!)
  • Cheers Lookie much appreciated.
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