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AFKA, you know when you said you were on Arsenal's books......

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Did you leave out some important information?


  • AFKA is there something you forget to tell me those times we had a drink ? i mean the fact that you were a Gooner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Drinks in Bexley , wheres the petrol can?
  • very good Stoney !

    I'd of been skipper of that side !
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    lol hahaha quality

    stoney - have you got a brother who is a knowledge examiner cos the one i had yesterday was your twin.
  • I have a brother but he's not in that game.

    How'd the exam go, are you about to be 'released into the community' Arf?
  • yeah passed - probably won't be out until after xmas
  • passed, top man arf well done
  • we done arf,how r u mcs
  • alright steve, i am not bad thanks, in the lib tomorrow?
  • when he says he was on their books he means as something to stand on to increase his height. Four hardbacks
  • [cite]Posted By: MCS[/cite]alright steve, i am not bad thanks, in the lib tomorrow?

    yes mate
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  • see you in there steve
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