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we only have one problem with our gameplan

and that's the static doesnt work...all it does is allow the opposition's defence to push us back to our own half, forces them to go on the attack and bypass our midfield when they have the ball...the only time we've looked the part this season is when we had varney and mcleod stretching the opposition and pushing their defence back so that zz and the others could boss the midfield...


  • ltgtr I've said the same and so have several others. The downside of this will be if Paddy is at the back with no pace and our defence doesn't push up, there will be gaps in midfield if a move breaks down. The other negative is that the personnel involved in this strategy (Moo2, Sam, Varney McLeod/Lita or Dickson) are small and makes us vunerable to the route one sides, but I'd prefer this to trying to match sides by picking large immobile lumps only useful at set pieces. I do not think a crowd seeing exiting, attacking football of this type would boo if we got turned over by say, Stoke who do nothing more than high balls. The sooner Pards gives up on the play-offs and analyses the plusses of the season, the better.
  • Key issue for me has been that Pards has chopped and changed the strikers virtually every week - performing sides tend to have a proper strike partnership...whether that's two pacey players of a 'little and large' combination.

    Iwelumo and Lita showed some signs of forming a partnership on Saturday - Lita was reading Chris' flicks well, and got two to three chances as a result.

    Varney has a lot to offer too - as long as he doesn't get p*ssed off by not being in the team...
  • Ive just slit my wrists.

    We are all doomed.
  • I don't know why you are so concerned with the strikers, if they scored more goals our defence would only just let in more to compensate. 2, 3 no problem you want 4 or 5 I am sure our defence can oblige.
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