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Question : Curbishley's injury crisis.

Having an argument at the moment with a few West Ham fans re: Curbs.

The injury crisis is massive, with half the fans blaming Curbs and the other half saying 'it's just one of those things'.

Was curbishley's squad often filled with copious amounts of injured players towards the end of his reign.

Just really need to settle this argument as it's been dragging on for weeks now!

Thanks for all responses in advance.


  • Not as I recall.

    But I do think we seemed to end up with a lot of 'training ground' injuries eg somewhat self inflicted.

    We did lose some great players to injury and illness but I dont think you can blame Curbs for that.
  • I remember he often used to talk about all the players who were out injured,but i had to smile as many of them wer nt in the team when they was nt injured. :)
  • Clause Jensen was out for 8 weeks with a sore toe once.
    I do seem to remember us having a lot of stupid injuries at one time to the point where you actually wondered if the physio staff were all the ticket.
  • Seems to me he recruits a few too many injury prone players. Kieran Dyer anyone?
  • To be fair to him, the injury problems he has had since taking over are nothing short of horrendous. They have done well to be where they are - although obviously not well enough for the Hamsters fans.

    Boring mid-table Prem football anyone???
  • [cite]Posted By: Off_it[/cite]

    Boring mid-table Prem football anyone???

    NO THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • edited March 2008
    Interesting post. Not happy in The Premiership and we're not happy going for a traditional play-off spot either. If we were to go up, what would we want? What exactly are we aiming for and why?
  • Some people are just never happy Jimmy. Not referring to DJDD there, he's already said how he has enjoyed this season (I think!) but it does make you wonder what it would take for some people to shut the f*** up and be happy with their lot for once!

    I'm old enough to remember 1984, the Selhurst years, even the first few years back at the Valley - all not great. This is nothing in comparison. Sure you should always try to look forward rather than back, but sometimes a bit of perspective is needed.
  • I said I do not want boring mid-table Prem football. Who in their right mind would?
  • [cite]Posted By: DJ Davey Dave[/cite]I said I do not want boring mid-table Prem football. Who in their right mind would?

    The bank manager for one!
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  • In answer to the question, no, we never seemed to have any more injuries than any other club.

    The reason for the long injury list at West Ham may have something to do with the fact they actively signed a series of players with poor injury records.
  • I'm not sure if we had more injuries in total than other clubs when Curbs was with us BUT we certainly had a number of long term injuries where players were out for a very long time.

    It is my understanding that our former head physio is now also at the Hamsters which may or may not be a coincidence given the long term injuries they have had.
  • Gary Rowett was injury prone, I'm sure there are some others, but not as many as he seems to have bought at the hampsters.
  • What did he expect, Dyer has been injured most of his life, Ljunberg was out most of last season and the season before with injuries, Bellamy isn't exactly injury-free, just waiting for him to sign Jeffers that blokes ankles must be made of glass.
  • add to that Parker who has been a crock since he left us... and Bowyer for that matter, and what that aussie fella too. I'm struggling to think of other crocks he bought at our place though.
  • Garry Poole
  • loved how Curbs used to reel off a list of how many injured players he claimed he had when as Bexley Red correctly states half of them wouldn't have been picked anyway...

    he does love to get his excuses in first does old Curbs

    agree with the comments that he bought a long list of players with poor injury records - Upson, Dyer, Bellamy is three to start it and Parker - having never been injured with us - spent a lot of time on the sidelines at Newcastle and Chelsea
  • I seem to remember quite a few injuries around the time we spanked the Arse 4-2. There were always players injured. Pringle, Rowett, Holland, Lisbie, Young, Kiely but never that many to really make a difference.
  • My memory is not of a large number of injuries but that players would pick up minor "knocks" and "strains" and "bruises", we'd be told they would be out for a week or two and we wouldn't see them again for six months.
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  • Didn't Parker get injured in a pre season friendy? Was only going to be for a week or two, turned out to be about six in the end. As a result of this didn't the pie man get the push?
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