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A big thank you to RSF and NSS!

Cracking day yesterday, thanks a lot you two for all the organising!

I'm sure everyone will agree that the CLCoach was a huge success, hope for more in the future!


  • RSF, haha quality
  • copied from the sticky

    i'd also like to add my thanks to ketters and nss.
    after blackburn last year i vowed never to go by coach again, but yesterday was just like the old days. good beer, good banter (knowing how far to go with kids present), good sing-song, stories involving goats and rose and feta cheese, right said fred, mcs's musings, and just like the old days football just getting in the way.
    looking forward to the next 1.
    .....with a bag of sweets
    and portugese tan.........
  • Yep, I'll echo those comments. Cheers to all who had a part in the organising. Cracking day out, again only interupted by the football.
  • Me too top day out as we said before no way was footie going to a ruin a good day out.

    Well up for the next one. Any one for some neopolitan Ice cream
  • Wheres ya wafer gone!

    'You've ruined my day'......

    If only all our support were like those on the coach
  • glad the coach went well trip home was bad for us got home well 2 us did Ging did at 3 after being let out the cell
  • elaborate !!
  • I need to hear more of this
  • Leftie tell me more
  • LOL. You boys don't do things the easy way do you Leftbehind?!
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  • LeftBehind, was this to do with the train journey on the way back?
  • Yeah thanks boys. Was a resounding success (Except for the actual game).
    Was really good to meet everyone. Just wished we'd stayed in that Pub all afternoon.
  • How about on an away game we pick a boozer and all the lifers take it over how about one near the ground and as long as it has sky sports we will be ok
  • edited March 2008
    [cite]Posted By: Bexleyheath_Red[/cite]LeftBehind, was this to do with the train journey on the way back?

    Yes he got a little to excited and now is paying the price so we wont be seeing him at the valley for a while
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