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anyone dare me?

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anyone dare me to join this and make the comment "if this is starting at 6pm the who the heck is making the tea?"


  • Yes, that would be amazing.
  • You very naughty boy.....

    go on go on go on
  • Judging by your picture, you've got some chimps at home doing this.

    I don't get this anyway - how can you protest against rape?
    It's not as if rapist are going to change their mind about it, is it?

    Can we have a 'No to Charlton defeats' protest?
  • you're right , why do a march for it?

    the irony of my comment would be the fact that my missus is out while I cook me own tea and do the hoovering
  • I bet there's a serious amount of armpit hair in that group!!!

    (Before Suzi, Brenda, Maria & Heather get upset - that was said with tongue firmly in cheek!!)
  • Good lord, I thought I'd heard/seen it all
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