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negative thoughts

i can't get negative thoughts out of my head.
we are bottom.
we have picked up points in only 4 games this season.
in them games, luck was with us. bolton missed pen, man city hit post and bounced straight to carson, newcastle hit bar, and that watford bloke missed from all of 3 yards.
we haven't won away for 20 games now.
diwarra is not the new rufus (how did he let the ball bounce for the 2 goals? sunday morning defending).
playing attacking football is not getting us results.
injuries = excuse
north west jinx = bollocks (because we are great everwhere else "sarcastic winky thing")
according to motd wigan had 35% possession (and still manged 3 goals)
it took us penalties to beat a team in a relegation battle 2 divisions below us (who in turn lose in 90 mins to a team bottom of the division 3 league below them)

have i just got out of bed on the wrong side or shall i secure the rope to the rafters?


  • I have similar negative thoughts, as I have said before the only reason we have kept clean sheets is because the opposition couldn't even score with an open goal.
    There are some positives though -
    we have goal scorer in Darren Bent even if he does seem a little less sharp than last season.
    The players play as a team and keep trying until the final whistle
    And most importantly there are at least another 5 teams as bad as us: Watford, Sheff Utd, Middlesbo, WHU, Man City so we do have a chance.
    So put that rope away and keep the faith!
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    reading are in 13th place.if we beat them next week,then we are within 2 points of them(until they beat spurs,the b'stads).yesterday i think we were beaten by 2 fluke goals aided by poor defending.a victory next week and realistically,we should jump to 16th,with all bottom sides having very tough games.

    we are still in amongst it even if we lose to reading,but i feel it is a matter of time before we pass these teams by and are in mid-table safety.

    is that coffee i smell?
  • Our defending just lets us down like last year. We concede goals just too easily. We did go through spells where we just hoofed it up field. However, we also had bits of good passing football.

    Reading is a must win
  • I'm just going to repeat what I said on another thread. Before the Fulham game we were all positive despite being bottom, saying that we'd had tough games with injuries etc. We all agreed on here (I think) that 'the season starts with Fulham.' Four league games later, against relatively poorer opponents and we have 4 points. That's relegation form because if we only pick up a point a game against the teams outside the top six, lose to the other teams then you finish the season with 28 points. Unless we get at least 4 points from Reading and Everton then that's where we're heading. I said before the Fulham game that I'd leave it until the end of November to judge and I'm sticking with that.
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