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Ipswich tickets sold out ???

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Unless you have a sprog in tow.

Am i reading that right ???

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  • Yeah, thats how i read it.

    Seem strange. What if 300 people went up to The Valley and only wanted one ticket each??
  • With a kid or in the more expensive seats it looks like.
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    Ignore me.


    That isnt what we paid was it!?
  • Ah, i read it wrong.

    £31.50. They're taking the michael a bit there, aren't they ??
  • i read it that we've sold out the initial non-family allocation (upper tier). the additional 300 tickets are probably nearer the halfway line and therefore more expensive.
  • I paid £26.50 I think?
  • so we've sold the initial 1600, plus 200 left in lower tier and 300 in family area.

    are we going to get another allocation?... portman road must hold 30k nowadays
  • as i remeber it the more expensive tickets are in the section next to us, but more importantly nearer the half way line, rather than in the corner where the normal allocation of away fans go,
  • fair play to selling out whatever section we have ... roar em on ... e-i-e-i-e-i-o
  • You going OoHaa?
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  • nope i play the beautiful game on most saturdays for a vets team
  • play off semi finals were a crack, there were a few charlton boys staying up there the night before in a hotel, then ipswich team arrived at the same hotel, for some unknown reason the fire alarm went off at 3am in the morning, and the whole place had to be evacuated, Mr Burley was not happy by all accounts... the ipswich first team standing in the car park for an hour at three in the morning prior to a massive game, moaned about it in the post match press confrence.....
  • i read it as....we have sold out the initial 1700 allocation in the upper tier but seats still remain in the lower tier and we have now aquired a further 300 tickets
  • glass half empty was 'allegedly possibly maybe definitely ' responsible for the fire alarm incident
  • that would of been fecking funny if u were there.
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]
    £31.50. They're taking the michael a bit there, aren't they ??

    surely this is in fact what is commonly known as daylight effing robbery? they are having a laugh aren't they?!
  • Can't see what the confusion is.

    We sold out the £26.50 tickets.

    We have now been allocated a further 300 tickets, which are nearer the half way line and cost £31.50.

    Alternatively, there are still tickets in the lower tier family stand costing £22.50 for adults, but you must have no more than 2 adults for 1 kid.
  • The Daily Star ran a big piece on the *coffs* Fire Alarm *coffs* going off accidentally.

    Should have a statue commissioned for that piece of tactical genius. . . .

  • this was the original story....
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