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Carling Cup draw - Wycombe at home...

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No disrespect to Wycombe, but this is the best chance we'll ever have to make a cup semi final.....

Let's hope we take it.


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    Carling Cup quarter-final draw:

    Tottenham v Southend

    Liverpool v Arsenal

    Newcastle v Chelsea

    Charlton v Wycombe


    Excellent draw
  • Superb-

    Don't want to sound like a fly-by-night ,but this will be my first cup game for ages

    Bring it on!
  • Bit of a dilema now....I've deliberately not attended any of the league cup games this season which is the first time ever! Should I continue to stay away or become a glory hunter?
  • Be a good idea to start collecting stubs..... you'll need them to get final tickets... ;-)
  • cracking draw !!....could possibly make renewing the season ticket worth it's weight in gold IF....

    I wonder how many of those who didn't renew are nothing wondering..
  • great draw, will be very interesting what the crowd will be. Be a good test to see how many ST holders are actually fans. Wycombe will sell the 3k, will the attendance be above 20k ?
  • I suspect that they will sell their 3k, the crowd will be about 18/19k as I believe we have about 15/16k genuine hard core fans....any semi-final would be a full house obviously !
  • wycombe will probably sell their allocation, but with the game a week before xmas i think the crowd will be nearer 15k.
  • [cite]Posted By: Eltham_addick[/cite]any semi-final would be a full house obviously !

    I'm not convinced.... depends on the opposition I reckon.... we won't sell out if it was Newcastle or Southend in the semi... think we would for the others as the plastics would be out in their droves....

    Anyway, we've got to beat Wycombe first!
  • Medders...don't I know we've gotta ge there first !!!

    however realistically any semi would against either - Chelsea, Spuds or Liv/Arse !! - surely we'd sell out, to be honest I think we would whoever we played
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  • Against any of those 4 we would..... like I said, the plastics would see to that!!
  • we'd hopefully get a decent away turnout wherever we played
  • Newcastle on a snowy winters evening..... havent we been here before?!
  • I think were all getting a bit carried away. If my years at the valley have taught me anything its that were NOT a cup team. Every ptoential bananaskin makes me sweat and do a dirt in my pants.
  • birthday is on the semis... :-) if we make it of course. and thats a big IF!
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