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Who want's to be a millionaire

Paddy is on who wants to be a millionaire,Chris Tarrent says right paddy here is your 4th question for £1000.00.
Which one of these 4 was one of the great train robbers is it A RYAN GIGGS B RONNIE BIGGS C RONNIE CORBETT or D RONNIE BARKER.Paddy says thanks very much Chris i've had a great day I think i will take the money.Chris is gobsmacked he says are you feckin stupid Paddy you have 3 lifelines left.Paddy replies I may be feckin stupid Chris but I aint a feckin grass.


  • Why is our centre half on a TV quiz show?

    Why was there no annoucement on the website so we could watch it. Typical OS - always late with the news
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