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Advance Party in High Spirits

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Just had my first contact with the Blackpool advance party a few minutes ago who are currently half way up the M6 & in very high spirits despite a mammoth drinking/smoking session last night. Think this weekend may get a bit lively !


  • Yeah, just exchanged a few texts with Stu, bout an hour away he reckons. Good lord, i might just meet them back at the hotel rather than going out hunting them down considering i'll be a good 10 hours drinking behind!!
  • Only another 4 hours and I'll be on my way......
  • I DO hope someone's got a camera! :o)
  • Thankfully they've gone a bit quiet with me... since I cut Gumbo off in mid song. God knows what the idiots were singing
  • Singing Something about Vodka & Charley to me....
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    They are now at the hotel, paid for it and drinking beers at the hotel bar.

    "WSS, you may want to have a few on the train to catch up..."
  • the advanced crew are havin a party

    bring your vodka and your charlie
  • Dicko n Gumbo are having a party
    Bring your KY and your conny
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    [cite]Posted By: Medders[/cite]Dicko n Gumbo are having a party
    Bring your KY and your conny

    Ha Ha
  • lol medders
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