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Chesterfield views

edited November 2006 in General Charlton
thought we started badly, gradually improved, took control then nearly threw it away. No coincidence we improved when Hughes and Kish departed and Faye,Ambrose and Benty came on. We then had pace up front, Thomas switched to his much preferred left position and Reidy became more influencial in the middle of the park. Ambrose impressed, for a change, and may have done enough to keep his place. Can't understand some fans negativity towards Faye. For me he does the simple things well, mopping up and then giving the ball to someone like Reidy who can do something with it.
Hughes must be the most ineffectual footballer ever and BigBent ain't far behind. HH and Youngy had mares and Fortune was shaky. Diawara was once again immense except for the silly handball that led to their third. Most annoying was that we didn't kill the game off when 3-2 up, not necessarily by scoring again although that would have been nice but by holding onto the ball, retaining possession. All in all £15 well spent.


  • Agree with all of that.

    Reid is so frustrating with his inability to kick the ball with his right. Often the simpler easier ball would be with his right but he hasnt the confidence to use it.

    We have nicknamed him Heather now for obvious reasons (no, not the fact he is a moneygrabbing ****)
  • absolutely great cup tie. it had everything. i bet dowie was reaching for his heart pills after extra time. anyway were through for the first time ever, so i guess that makes dowie our most successful manager the league cup anyway....bring on the mighty southend for a local'ish derby. and yes great value for money.
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