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Scott Sinclair on loan till end of season ?

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do we need him,


  • quality winger and would add a bit more competition
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    Judging by Ambrose and Sam's end product then I'd say YES YES YES YES YES YES
  • from The Mirror:

    Chelsea starlet Scott Sinclair is set to sign for Alan Pardew's promotion-chasing Charlton in a loan deal for the rest of the season.
    The exciting left-wing prospect will be allowed out by Avram Grant (below) to get first-team experience after flirting with the quadruple-chasing squad recently.
    Sinclair - just back from a loan spell at QPR - is being pushed towards Charlton by his advisers despite rival interest from Leicester City and Burnley.
    The teenage talent would be a major asset for Pardew in his bid to bounce back to the Premier League and Sinclair may also be keen to stay in the London area.
    It will be a blow to Leicester chief Ian Holloway, who wanted to take Sinclair after having him in a successful stint at Plymouth last season.
    And Burnley chief Owen Coyle has also asked for Sinclair, whose wing trickery could have been the missing link in his play-off chasing plans.
  • Would be happy for him to join, but does this mean Cook is more seriously injured than we thought??
  • [cite]Posted By: Weegie Addick[/cite]Would be happy for him to join, but does this mean Cook is more seriously injured than we thought??

    Cook is left wing and Sinclair right or indeed he can play up front.
  • The Mirror describes him as an 'exciting left wing prospect' above...but I stand corrected not to believe anything they write.
  • I always thought he was a centre forward, not a winger ?
  • After all that he's probably a centre back!
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  • I do sometimes miss the days when we used to sign players I knew well!
  • Has Mr Thomas upset super Pards ?
  • Wherever Sinclair plays i know enough about him to think that our delivery in to the box will improve a lot and with Cook and Sinclair we have two wingers who will cause untold problems for defences. If it comes off, a great signing to help us push up the league.
  • Mr Thomas is feeling poorly again and won't be coming to the office today.

    He's been trying to make an appointment with his GP to get a sickness cerificate but can't be seen for 3 weeks as it's a busy time of year with so many people suffering from colds and 'flu. :o)
  • It's always good to have some players on the bench who can turn the game, especially if we're chasing it. I was a bit concerned on Friday that Thomas wasn't there tbh.
  • This would be a great signing - but will Weaver be happy on the bench?
  • [cite]Posted By: pete_tong1[/cite]Has Mr Thomas upset super Pards ?

    Is the pope catholic? Do bears sh*t in the woods? I don't buy the "sick" or "hamstring" story that surrounds Thomas at this time. I hope we get Sinclair because we could sure use a winger who can cross or who has as a finishing touch.
  • at the start of the season it was rumored we were gonna get him then he went to QPR , only thing that worries me is if he was that good in this division then surely QPR would have kept hold of him as they can certainly afford to .
  • that's exactly what i thought buckshee
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  • Sinclair played for Chelsea's reserves last night and setup a goal. it was on sky spports news
  • Chelsea fan at work says he's definitely a left winger and 'lightning fast'
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