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Sir Alex Ferguson day

In recognition of his 20 years as manager of Manchester United today has been renamed "Sir Alex Feguson Day".

The traditional meal of the day will be chewing gum.

The symbol of the day: a hairdryer.

Most importantly at the end of every Alex Ferguson day there will be 5 minutes of extra time.


  • And plenty of penalties will come your way while you're at home
  • The press wil not be spoken to if if they speak out of turn.
  • does amaze me how bad he behaves towards the press, yet they still al suck up to him. The fear factor extends beyond his own players....

    Was also suprised to see in the pics no Curbs there. Thought they were good mates ?

    Unless Curbs was busy of course.....
  • I wonder when he does finally retire they will give him a gold watch with 65 minutes on it!
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