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Capello Names Squad...

For those that care, no real surprises in there... England Squad


  • No Robinson, No fat Frank
  • Yawn, nothing new....was hoping this bloke would shake it up
  • Becks is still part of his plans though
  • [cite]Posted By: Tel-in-Oz[/cite]Yawn, nothing new....was hoping this bloke would shake it up
    With what though - there is not enough decent, internatinal quality players out there
  • I thought Rob Green might get in this one. That's the only surprise omission for me.
  • Note the tabloids accurate as ever with their inside knowledge that Kitson was going to be in the squad...
  • no lisbie?
  • [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]no lisbie?
    He plays for Jamaica
  • running with headline...Capello Springs Squad Shock! As Algarve says we all knew anyway!
  • how many goals he scored i wonder?
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  • 2 goals in 10 appearances
  • figures.
  • I am bothered.

    Fat frank is injured

    Shake it up with what though Tel - not much out there.
  • So capello decides we've not got many classic No9s but we're loaded in midfield? That looks like good tactics to me. Put a big 'un up-front (Crouch, Heskey, C Cole, D Bent) and ping it off them like pinball?
    If you crowd the big front man with defenders you're vulnerable down the wings/channels?
    I'm still liking Capello
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