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SHIT, on SSN not bad money i suppose. I think we'll take it.


  • Have you got a link?
  • Just come on SSN don't do it Reidy. Don't make us hate you son.
  • will post a link when they do one but on the news now
  • This rumour has been bubbling under for too long.

    The Board will let him go at that price.
  • bid is from sunderland i assume?
  • 4million..might be too good an offer to turn down,but have we got a replacement lined up though,i don't want him going if theres no one coming in.
  • Gentlemans agreements are non existent now then.....
  • take 4 million CASH,if we have a replacment waiting in the wings, don,t think we have missed him in the last 4 games
  • I just hope he remembers what direction Parker and Murphys careers took when they went this sort of time in the window.
  • Would be a stupid move, we are going up, they are coming down.

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    Calm down, not done yet.

    It always amazes me f**ks me off when a player who's with a team looking good for promotion jumps ship to a team that's a favourite for relegation with less than half the season left, seemingly cos he wants to play premiership football.

    I do hope Reidy's above all that...if last night showed anything it was that this squaad does have a real spirit about it after all.
  • Take it! Far too injury prone and the team is just starting to gel without him.
  • I reckon he is above it - it's Pards' decision, I guess. In the meantime, Sunderland can f*ck off and do one.
  • [cite]Posted By: Carter[/cite]Gentlemans agreements are non existent now then.....
    It's not Reid's fault a bid's come in for him, and even if it's accepted he might not want to go.
  • Incidentally, this wasn't a SSN "transfer bollocks round-up", was it?
  • Can we give them Thomas for 4mill instead!

    I wouldnt sell for anything under 5mill TBH.
  • I doubt we'd turn down £4m if that's true. Like others said in the last couple of days, where does he fit in the starting XI now anyway?

    Good player but injury prone and always going to be fighting the pounds (round his middle not in the bank).
  • [cite]Posted By: InspectorSands[/cite]Incidentally, this wasn't a SSN "transfer bollocks round-up", was it?

    Lead story at 7pm
  • [cite]Posted By: BDL[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: InspectorSands[/cite]Incidentally, this wasn't a SSN "transfer bollocks round-up", was it?

    Lead story at 7pm

    Oh, for feck's sake. I was having a good day until then.
  • Come on! He missed over half of last season and has missed half of this one. Ok he is our only truly creative midfielder but we are starting to look and play like a team. Where would he fit in? It would mean changing everything again.
    4 mil or even 3 mil, sell, sell, sell!
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  • I think that for £4M it's still Pards shout as to whether to take it. My feeling is that Reidy could still go for that kind of dosh in the summer if necessary.It must depend on whether Pards can get extra bodies in though.
  • no way we cannot under any circumstances sell him unless we have a replacement is lined up

    we cannot do this to ourselves again, i don't care if he wants to talk to them, he can shut up until June - REFUSE, BE STRONG
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    Take the money and run. £1m profit and only played 23 games for us. Use the cash to sign that Holligan from Blackpool
  • [cite]Posted By: InspectorSands[/cite]I reckon he is above it - it's Pards' decision, I guess.

    I reckon the Board will want this to go through. I wish him all the best if he does go.

    I also hope Sunderland arent doing a Leeds.
  • He is 1 of our best players,got to keep him until the summer at least,to see if we go up or not.
  • Good call Mcmoist....i liked the look of Hoolahan
  • the money will be kept back for last years losses. or could be put towards the east stand extention then spurs can rent our ground for 10million pound profit !!! job done
  • can you see reid ever playing a full season for charlton,i dont far to injury prone,take the money could be a decent option
  • Point taken about the lack of games he has played for us but when he has he either scores or lays goals on for others.

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    how are we going to get Hoolahan in in just over 24 hours

    you forget, this is Charlton, we don't plan ahead for these things, look at Dowie, Murphy, Parker, if Reid goes tomorrow they will sit down at 9pm and think of who to replace him with.

    Honestly over the last few games we've built up a real belief on and off the pitch, the loss of your out and out best player and captain puts us back to square one.

    People who say he hasn't contributed much and we don't need him have short memories. He held us together in the first half of the season and scored some valuable goals.
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