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Cheesewright Scunthorpe special

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What time does it get into and leave Scunthorpe? TVM Lats


  • there are two cheesy trains, 1st in around 13.10, the next 1/2hr later "i think"
  • Cheesy is a quality bloke, last time i saw him he gave me a lecture on how to behave on a train.

    And then proceeded to tell me about all the different numbers of buses there was in London.

    I'm sure you'l have fun on the cheesewright express!
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    Is he selling yorkie bars on the train, like he did on the coaches many moons ago?
  • Syd is one of a kind that's for sure. Solid Charlton :)
  • legend
  • [cite]Posted By: Alex Wright[/cite]Syd is one of a kind that's for sure. Solid Charlton :)

    Oi ....less of the Solid!
  • I remember being on a Syd run coach about 15 years ago where every time he made a cup of tea for a passenger we would hide the teaspoon till they were all hidden . This was followed by much scratching of the head by Syd
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