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....set to announce a summer 2008 fixture against each other as both teams have a window in their schedule.



  • At Wembley or Hampden?
  • Fight in ell!!
  • I bet the coppers put the kybosh on it
  • Carnage.

    Why dont we play it in Cardiff for good measure.
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    wrong thread!
  • The days of this fixture being "carnage" are long gone! Have been to the last two Eng v Scot games at Wembley 96 & 99 (both being big big games that had a lot riding on them as well) and f**k all happened at either! Loads of drunk sweaties as usual but our support has changed so much in such a small space of time that nothing happens these days! Even the last game up there in 99 was non-eventful. Although for that one England had an untouchable firm that walked through Glasgow un challenged!

    Might get a bit of an atmosphere going down Wembley for once though!
  • far from me to contradict but didn't a bit more than f**k all happen in the west end '96?

    would love it if this came off!
  • A better fixture has been arranged . Germany in Berlin on Nov 19th
  • BREAKING NEWS: England will face Germany in Berlin on November 19th 2008.

    The Football Association and DFB today announced that England will play Germany in Berlin at the Olympic Stadium on 19 November 2008.

    England were last in Berlin to play West Germany for their 1972 European Championship Quarter Final second-leg which ended in a goalless draw. The last time England travelled to Germany was for a World Cup Qualifier at Munich in 2001. This resulted in the famous 5-1 victory and a Michael Owen hat-trick.

    Ticket information will be announced during the next englandfans+ membership period, which will commence in July 2008.
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