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Something you do everyday

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Name one or more thing out of the ordinary that you do every day without fail. (that means NOT things like showering, eating, etc.)

As soon as I get up I open Charlton Life just to make sure it's all working and there are no irate Lifers who have spent all morning without a site to complain about!

I ride a scooter to work, rain or shine.


  • make sure I don't fall off the wagon......hard though eighteen days now
  • Mmm I have been getting up & doing 100 press ups each morning for the last few months!
  • [cite]Posted By: Talal_El_Willscorie[/cite]wank

    he said it had to be something out of the ordinary!
  • with my weak hand ?! :D
  • i keep turning the thermostat for our office heating up and down as i leave the building. that fever/cold shiver bug is hitting everyone at work.
  • From the smell of some of the people I've been working with this last week or so me having a shower every morning would be viewed as unusual. One guy I would go as far to say smells like chunder
  • get to work intact considering all the wank drivers on the road - mainly F###### W#### C### BUS DRIVERS LIKE THE ONE TONIGHT
  • i bend my supervisors windscreen wipers out as im leaving. i cant stop it still tickles me!
  • Shut the yard gates beinhd me whenever I leave, for similar reasons to the wiper bending. Makes me chuckle and makes my divvy supervisor turn red
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  • For the same reasons as carlsberg and carter i turn off the office lights when i leave, drives the wet spam mug mad!!!!!
  • Every day when i have a dump , i always think how f**kin lucky i have been to have lived the life i have had! No idea why its when im having a dump but its the 100% truth.

    O dear little tiny room/box---- confessing my sins---f**k i must have been a Left Footer in another life !!! Il never be allowed to post on Charlton Loyal again !!
  • I know someone who poos in a crouching position with his feet up on either side of the bowl. How fookin weird is that?!
  • Avoid the moaning missus? :-)
  • Is she badgering you again, Badger......? :o)
  • I make a tower of all the crap sitting on the desk of the woman sitting behind me. He desk is covered in so many hand creams, lib balms and pointless ornamental tat she barely has room for the piles of crisps and chocolate she muches through.
  • Off It how do u know that ???? actually asian toilets are squat toilets and sometimes they still squat.

    Yes ok ok how do i know that! well i lived out there for 3 years and as a facilities manager here years back God only knows how many toilet seats got broken because on people squating on em!
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