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I know we are still bottom.....

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But how vital was that win given the others won ?

3 points adrift, the majority would of completely wrote off the season at that point.


  • One step closer to the 38 points target. But just as important, it brings self belief and confidence within the team that now believes they can win every match.
  • You ain't wrong. Actually makes me feel quite sick just thinking about the **** we would be in if we hadn't won that game yesterday.

    Honest, it's that thought and not the celebratory hangover that's doing it!
  • Another 30 points don't half seem a long way off at this point. As Pickwick said, we desperately need to string a run together, something like 16 points from the next 8 games.
  • Not all the other teams won though...Newcastle and Boro lost, and Man City aren't that far awy from us, but a defeat yesterday would have been much worse than just dropping three points, given that Sheff Utd and Watford won. I'm banking on those two going down + one other, and I still think that is likely but the points they picked up were at the expense of teams like Boro and Newcastle with whom we are competing to avoid that last relegation spot.

    If Premiership survival is the target we need to beat teams like Man City to keep them insight, the further away they are the harder they are to catch - then when you have a run, look at the table and see that they have points in hand makes everything that much steeper. Yesterday was a step in the right direction. Our defence is looking tighter, but we still aren't creating enough chances. Maybe our best hope is to hang on until January when Walker could be back and/or we buy a creative midfielder and maybe someone to take the load off of Darren Bent. Right now it looks like stop Bent and you stop Charlton.

    Next up Wigan away, that will be a tough game against a physical side.
  • [cite]Posted By: BlackForestReds[/cite]
    Next up Wigan away, that will be a tough game against a physical side.

    Who had an excellent away win at Bolton yesterday. Hopefully that win might see them take their foot off the gas a little, rather than inspire them on.
  • That was a good old Derby game, Wigan haven't looked as strong this year as last. Hopefully Diawara will keep Camara quiet.
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