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Kinsella to Colchester, Parky to Hibs?

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According to todays papers Kins is off to be the number two at Colchester and Parky is going to be approached to takeover at Hibs.

That would be a huge turnover of our backroom staff and, if it happens, I would be very surprised if we did not see Peter Grant (Pardew's number two at West Ham) turn up as his number two at our place.

I don't mind seeing Parky go as he is not one of us but I would hate to lose Kinsella because I think he should be the next Charlton boss after Pardew.


  • good call about Peter Grant.

    You will notice Damian Matthews name mentioned in the reserve report on OS
  • When will this club be settled again :-(
  • [cite]Posted By: pete_tong1[/cite]When will this club be settled again :-(

    Not sure it ever will be in the manner that we were used to, we have been spoiled by the 15 years of Curbs, when there was very little movement of backroom staff.

    f Kins were to move to Colchester, it would not be a bad thing for any ambition to run charlton, getting more experience in a role that would demand more hands on involvement, due to even less money and fan base than us. I would not be sad to see him go on that basis. Powell would then probably step up and take his role.
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