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Hawthorns Next Tuesday

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Thinking of going next week to the replay, never been to the Hawthorns before. Any advice on best way to travel there. Will be going alone, work in London, but first inclination is to drive, don't fancy the coach though. Can you get relatively close parking to the ground or is rail better? Just worried about xtra time penalties etc and getting back on the dubious rail system.


  • well you wouldn't be able to book a train as you say and the last train leaves at about 22.30 from the hawthorns, if it did go to pens you would be running!
  • If you come off at Junction 1 of the M5 there's spaces to park at various places along there if you get bthere early enough (or there was a couple of seasons ago).

    If not lots of free parking off that road down the roads before the ground in residential area. 15 min walk tops.
  • i've got a feeling "you could've come in a taxi" will be chanted at this game.
  • just rang up to buy mine, the operator was genuinely shocked!

    hoping for 500, realistically that may be a bit of a dream
  • 50 more likely
  • I'm definately going and driving up there as usuall.

    Parking can be a pain unless u get there early. parking restrictions around most of the residential areas but generally best to park the other side of the M5 junction and walk.
  • 51 then.
  • Thanks for the all the advice, sounds like a good plan golfaddick.
  • I wanted to go to this, but just been reminded that I got theatre tickets for xmas for this night. just asked if i can keep my phone on throughout and got a scathing text back from me mum. whoops.
  • I'll be there. One of my favourite places.
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  • we had about 500 up there the last time we played there midweek.

    And we won !
  • I want to go,so far none of my mates have expressed an i might go by coach if no-one wants to go by train or stay over.
  • If I can get away from work at a sensible time I'll drive up there if not I won't
  • If you come via High Holborn at around 6pm mate i'll come as well!
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    The coach to west brom was one of the most annoying experiences of my life.

    But then again we were sat in front of the 15 year old 'firm'.
  • What, West Brom fans walking up the road!! I'm not having that!
  • Bearing in mind the club is going to earn a few quid out of the replay and we now have a genuine chance of making round 5, a cheap/free travel incentive could be an option to boost numbers.

    Especially those that have a Leicester/Norwich/Watford ticket.
  • Finishing work at 6 really buggers me up for these trips. i could probably get out at 5 at the very earliest but there are games i'd love to go (like this one) but it makes it impossible.
  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]If you come via High Holborn at around 6pm mate i'll come as well!

    And me! (although I hate my job so will leave earlier if needed)
  • I bought my ticket today, I think there will be about 200 (we seem to get 500 mid week away in the league)
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  • I shall be driving up there with my mate who is a west brom season ticket holder.I hope we can take a fair few!
  • I may be tempted Dicko, Stu....
  • We should have 500 for this one - getting tickets on Saturday.
  • Yep i'm there plus one other going by coach from Eltham
  • Me and Mrs Red_Pete are taking a day off work and driving up. Hopefully it will be worth it!!
  • Anyone know if you can get tickets at the turnstiles at WBA, had to miss yesterday due to work...damn! so couldn't get my ticket, and can't pick it up tomorrow either.
  • If there's a lift available I would be interested. I work in Waterloo so Holborn would be easy to get to.
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    Sorry to be a plastic but there is no way I'm going to get away from work in time for this. Sorry lads.

    I tried to get a half day and got rebuked so doing a sick one will not wash!!
  • I know somebodys already asked this but does anyone know if tickets are available on the night.
  • [cite]Posted By: southamptonaddick[/cite]I know somebodys already asked this but does anyone know if tickets are available on the night.

    99.9% sure yes. They always are outside the Premiership, other than for trouble games.
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