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AFKA/Lookout - issue with order of posts

edited November 2006 in Troubleshooting
Looks like the issue has raised it's ugly head again..... have just replied to a post from Suzi, and my post went in above hers....


  • Most of our posts go above Suzi lol.
  • [cite] Addickted:[/cite]Most of our posts go above Suzi lol.

    oi! after i was so nice to you about your new haircut - i'll remember that!!!!!

    "Some problems were encountered
    You have posted 5 comments within 60 seconds. A spam block is now in effect on your account. You must wait at least 120 seconds before attempting to post again."

    I can't help it if i type fast!!!!!
  • i know, i know, it appears there are gremlins in the works again.

    Very odd, but this appears to be the same problem that happened once about 4 weeks ago.

    Again, i apologise and its a case of waiting for Lookout to wake up !
  • Don't you have an 'on-call' number for him? What kind of cowboy outfit is this? ;-)
  • Happened to me doing a quote on your Newcastle first game post.
  • I reckon its Trevor....;-)
  • You should know Oracle - aren't you supposed to be an "all seeing eye" or something? ;o)
  • This never happens on Netaddicks!!!
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