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Sad, but true.

Today, 50 years ago in woolwich I was born, I should be in Leicester today, but last night I let myself down, yep, pi55ed again. But what a year, played!!(ok then ) appeared on the famous Valley pitch (thanks AFKA) come on as sub in the second game to play my last game ever in the same team as my son (thanks Rothko) with my three grandsons as mascots (thanks everyone). Yesterday, in Wales I met my sister for the first in 25 years, and her children who I had never met looked radiant in their new Charlton shirts, (much to the disgust of their gooner Dad) who thought it funny to present me with an Arsenal £20 note, which was mounted somewhere appropriate on our return last night , sorry I let myself down last night, and if it was your house I was singing "One Voice" outside last night, I appologise, see you all Down The Valley.
Thanks Again
Sorry, I used to know how to do a link, obviously the age thing is already affecting me :(


  • Great stuff TCE. Happy Birthday!
  • Hehehe. Happy birthday, sir.

    Can't see the attachment, was it one of those Ashley Cole notes?
  • hope you enjoyed your breif visit to the principality.
  • edited December 2007
    Yes I did thanks, but it was made special by the occasion, from the time we crossed the bridge until we hit Watford on our return didnt stop raining :( it looks very green.
    and thanks eveyone, the birthday greetings.
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