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Pub for Saturday at Leicester?

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Programme is recommending The Hind which is near the station. Anyone heading there? As I remember thats a about 15 mins (25 for AFKA) walk from the ground?


  • Should be 12 of us coming up for the game,should be in the boozer nice and early.
  • what time is nice and early - trains for me get into Leicester at about half past/25 to to each hour.
  • Do a right out of the train station, under a moody tunnel and then theres quite a few boozers. I cant remember the name but theres one opposite a sex shop where you can buy Carl Tyler sex dolls and get your haircut at the same time. Result!
  • Or you could try the following... mind you i haven't been to filbert street for a few years so might be worth a google :-)

    Head for London road, oxford street, and Aylestone road for a sherbert

    Nag's head & star
    Fullback & Firkin
    The Victory
    the wyvern
    the counting house
    local hero

    if they still exist?
  • the one opposite the station was ok, as was another about 400 yards to the left as you come out the station.
  • A couple of those pubs are 'home only'.

    There are some lovely little boozers over the river and no more than ten minutes walk from the ground. Don't forget the Palace game is on SKY so get there early!

    Oh, and a pint of Tiger for me please.
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