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Why you should get to know your partner before marrying them...

A man met a woman and fell madly in love with her. He asked her to marry him right away. Her response was: "But we don't know each other at all, what if we don't get on?" The man said that was a chance he was prepared to take and he felt that he loved her so much straight away that he was sure it would work and they could get to know each other during their marriage.

So the woman agreed, they married and went away on honeymoon where they found they were very compatible.

They were lazing by the poolside one day when the husband said he fancied a swim and his wife watched him as he climbed up to the very highest diving board and leapt off backwards. He did a triple spin, a forward turn and a double back-flip (piked) before entering the water with barely a ripple.

The wife was amazed.

When the husband came back to her she said: "Blimey! I didn't know you could swim like that!" He replied: "Oh yes, I used to be an Olympic diver in my youth and was the champion for ten years running."

They agreed that there was lots to learn about each other and that it was half of the fun finding out.

Then the wife decided to go for a swim. She dived into the water, swam 150 lengths, got out of the water and lay on her sun lounger barely out of breath.

The husband was amazed. He said: "I can't believe it, did you used to be an Olympic swimmer too?" She replied: "Oh no, I used to be a prostitute in Hull but I worked both sides of the river."
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