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edited December 2007 in Troubleshooting
Since yesterday, everytime I access this site I receive the following message:

Part of this page has been blocked due to the following reason: Malicious behaviour detected! The page of file requested contains malicious code. The ID of the transaction is 8A10BA06.

I am a bit concerned as this happens only when using my office PC. Any advice?



  • Possibly it's because your office has tightened the screws on network security.

    It says part of the page... does the rest load? And if so, is it obvious what is missing?

    Did this just start happening? Today, or yesterday?
  • I can understand the tightening of screws on security but I would not have thought accessing Charltonlife is malicious behaviour ;o) Could the security network pick up some of the contents that have been posted as I seem to recall that the message appeared the next time I logged on after reading the jokes? This started yesterday but there is nothing obvious as to whether all has been loaded. Can you trace the ID of the transaction?

    I just hope I dont get the sack for accessing this site following accepting the warning message - Solid
  • I think "malicious behaviour" is just a catch all, and I think that Transaction ID is for your IT to trace the issue. If it pops up time and time again on your machine and they recognise a pattern then that's when they'll look into it, perhaps raise the issue with you.

    If it only pops up on the Joke threads for instance, then perhaps it's some kind of filter that is in place (swear words etc.). I don't know, someone like Leroy would know more about how all this works. Perhaps leave the Jokes Category well alone, or even Block it (Go to the Categories page and scroll down to Jokes and press "Block Category". This will filter out Discussions on the All Discussions page from that Category)

    Perhaps, you could access the site through a proxy. Maybe a fellow Lifer could help with this? I don't personally know a suitable UK proxy off hand.

    Good luck ;-)
  • The message appears when I enter the home page and then the forum page, so I dont think blocking out the jokes page will help........looks like I will be waiting for the tap on the shoulder.

  • Does it happen whe you're logged in, or only when you're logged out? Could be something to do with the ads maybe - my office blocks them, but just puts little images to where they were.
  • Only when I log in.
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